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All materials found here were created by their respective groups. The links provided will take you to their download pages hosted on their websites.


A Resource Book on Participatory Geographic Information System (PGIS) for Land Rights Advocates Volume 1

Topics: land and resource rights, GIS, community mapping

Asian NGO Coalition (ANGO) is a regional association that includes national and regional networks of non-government organizations (NGOs) in Asia actively engaged in food security, agrarian reform, sustainable agriculture, participatory governance and rural development - this tool focuses on data collection, database management, data processing, and analysis for the production of digital maps useful in advancing the land rights agenda of rural communities, particularly indigenous communities and smallholder farmers in Southeast Asia.

High Impact Research Training Tool Kit

Topics: participatory research, toolkit, data collection & use, training, health

Measure Evaluation provides technical leadership through collaboration at local, national, and global levels to advance the field of global health monitoring and evaluation. This toolkit helps trainers conduct effective training of public health researchers specifically in the area of designing actionable research by providing tips and tools that can be applied to the research process to improve data use.

Training Module

Topics: English language learning

Inya Institute is a social science research organization in Myanmar. This is an English language training module

Doing research in conflict settings: gender mainstreaming and ethics

Topics - ethics, gender, conflict environments

This report was produced by Safer World, International Alert, Conciliation Resources May 2019.