Independent Researcher

Join Our Network

Are you an independent consultant? We are a growing network of passionate independent researchers and trainers. Do you like our model? Do you want to participate in our work? Then join our network to gain access to:

  • like minded researchers so that you can directly collaborate, work with, and join projects with network members,
  • expand your network to include local and international experts, and
  • to be invited to future Tea Leaf Center projects.

What to submit:

Please submit a CV and cover letter. Your cover letter must include why you want to join our network.

Write A Blog or Volunteer

Our Twitter, Newsletter, Facebook, and Blog are all maintained through our volunteer hours. You can help us remotely by contributing to our online presence. See below for more information.


Our blog is a space for addressing a wide range of research issues. We try to get one guest contribution a month.

  • All contributions will be approved by the Tea Leaf Center before appearing on the blog
  • Contributions can be made anonymously


Do you want to be a guest admin for our twitter?

We are looking for researchers to take over our feed for one week at a time. This will allow you to highlight your research work, help you engage with local researchers, and help put your research out to our regional networks.


We could use your help in writing our bi-weekly newsletter!


Like our approach? Do you want to collaborate on future projects? Co-host events such as research talks, discussion panels, network trainings, etc. Join our network.