Academic Institutions

Hire Us

Do you need technical support, speakers, or workshops for your conference attendees? Connect with us.

Conference Preparation

We understand that barriers can exist for conference participants. We can help support your conference through skills trainings and other workshops for your participants. We can also draw from the expertise of our network of local researchers and consultants to give robust workshops in a variety of areas.

Contextualized Ethics

Ethics is an important part of research. If your institution does not have an ethics process for research, we can help you design modified research review processes.

Researching in SE Asia?

We can provide cultural and researcher specific orientations for your students. We understand the unique challenges of learning to navigate research as a non-local and can help prepare your students before entering the field.

Collaborate and Guest Lectures

Like our approach? Do you want to collaborate on future projects? Co-host events such as research talks, discussion panels, network trainings, etc. We can also guest lecture (see our biographies) or co-lecture with experts from within our network.