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Call for Research Team Members

The Tea Leaf Center is seeking applicants for the following positions as part of an application for an evaluation to be conducted in July-August 2021. The research will be conducted (remotely or in-person) in July-August 2021 in refugee camps on the Thai-Myanmar border in Mae Hong Son and Tak provinces.

This call is to support an on-going application, and acceptance is conditional on the Tea Leaf Center’s proposal being accepted by the client.

Interested candidates should send a CV by 9 am (Thai time) Tuesday, May 11.

WASH and/or Health Expert (5-7 days in July-August)


  • Experience working/conducting research in refugee camps in Thailand related to at least one of the following: health, especially mother and child heath care services; WASH, including safe water access, sanitation and/or disease outbreak control; and/or rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities.
  • At least proficient in English. Proficiency in Sgaw Karen and/or Burmese language preferable but not required.
  • This position can be fulfilled remotely.


  • Provide advice and contribute to research design and analysis for an evaluation of health, WASH and rehabilitation project in refugee camps in Mae Hong Son and Tak provinces;
  • Conduct 3-5 remote interviews of key informants related to the expert’s area(s) of expertise;
  • Provide feedback and/or other contributions to the analysis and report-writing related to the expert’s area(s) of expertise.

Research Assistant (15 days in July-August)


  • Experience assisting on research projects in refugee camps in Thailand, preferably related to health, WASH and/or disability;
  • Fluent in Karen (Sgaw), proficient in English and Burmese; and
  • Flexibility and ability to work independently and with a team.


  • Assist with arranging interviews and focus group discussions during research process;
  • Interpret at interviews and focus group discussions;
  • Translate and help manage a short web-based survey (tentative)

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