The Tea Leaf Center is a social enterprise research and training consulting firm based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Tea Leaf Center supports locally-led research by providing tailored coaching and training, on – call support, and platforms to connect research.

Areas of work

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Civil Society

We give research support and training including:

  • Mentorship through all stages of a research project
  • Writing skills for civil society
  • Customized research skills training
  • Help designing and implementing MEL processes


Be part of a community of like minded researchers by:

  • Contributing to the TLC’s work
    • write a blog post
    • join and share our newsletters
    • share your research/resources with our network
  • Participating in discussion events
  • Joining our network


We work with universities to:

  • Help make conferences more inclusive by providing support to non-academics
  • Help speakers understand context based ethical considerations
  • host discussions on research


We support your work by:

  • giving research assistance to your grantees
  • helping build sustainable research
  • conducting MEL of your projects
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Hoping for Federalism: An Ethnic Perspective

Last week in Thanphyuyat, I was stopped at the toll gate. The soldier there confiscated and checked my phone. I’m used to soldiers checking things: It reminded me of when they checked my ID in Rakhine State. But there’s a feeling of numb panic when someone checks your phone during a military coup.

As an ethnic minority in Myanmar, I have a different lens on the story than most. You see, for many ethnic groups, we distrust both the military and the National League for Democracy…


To join our network of researchers and trainers, please send us your CV, a cover letter explaining why you want to join, and register here. You will have access to our network page only after you have submitted the required documents and are approved by the Tea Leaf Center.

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